Table 4

Pattern of binge drinking and alcohol consumption between the age of 18 and 25 years among AD cases and non-AD controls (n=166)

Non-AD controls (n=83)AD cases (n=83)P value
Occasions of binge drinking (%)
 Often with friends33.783.1<0.0001
 Often with family2.49.60.10
 Often alone1.212.00.01
Occasions of alcohol consumption during meals (%)
 Often with friends27.768.7<0.0001
 Often with family15.625.30.17
 Often alone1.28.40.07
Occasions of alcohol consumption not during meals (%)
 Often with friends18.175.9<0.0001
 Often with family2.518.10.02
 Often alone0.012.00.03
  • AD, alcohol-dependent.