Table 2

Characteristics of AD cases and non-AD controls in the three periods: before 18 years, 18–25 years and 25–45 years (n=166)

Non-AD controls (n=83)AD cases (n=83)P value
Period 1: before 18 years
 Father’s history of alcoholism (%)18.942.2<0.001
 Mother’s history of alcoholism (%)2.925.40.005
 Repeating a school year (%)45.872.30.001
 High school diploma (%)91.645.8<0.0001
 Age of first alcoholic drink, mean (SD)15.1 (1.8)15.0 (3.9)0.76
 Age of first episode of drunkenness, mean (SD)17.3 (3.1)16.6 (3.7)0.23
Period 2: 18–25 years
 University students (%)85.437.4<0.0001
 Living in parents’ home (%)
 Relationship with parents  (%)0.005
 Living in a couple (%)
 Doing sport (%)
 Cumulated month of sport, mean (SD)38.3 (35.6)50.6 (46.6)0.06
 Smoking (%)48.297.6<0.0001
 Cumulated month of smoking, mean (SD)27.9 (36.1)91.9 (18.0)<0.0001
 Cannabis use (%)26.565.0<0.0001
 Cumulated month of cannabis use, mean (SD)1.6 (5.5)15.7 (14.8)<0.0001
 Frequency of alcohol consumption (except BD) (%)<0.0001
Period 3: 25–45 years
 Current professional status (%)<0.0001
   Without professional activity3.625.3
   University student4.80.0
   Blue-collar worker1.225.3
   Mid-level activity18.119.2
   Manager/Intellectual profession44.613.3
 Current smoking status (%)<0.0001
   Never smoker45.80.0
   Former smoker22.98.4
   Current smoker31.391.6
  • AD, alcohol-dependent; SD, Standard Deviation; BD, binge drinking.