Table 1

Questions, indicators and reporting forms/timeline used to measure the care for suicide attempters, Belgian Network of Sentinel General Practices, 2013–2016

Care measureQuestions to the GPsReporting form/timeline
1Whether the GP had been the first professional caregiver (called out) following the attemptBaseline
2Whether the patient received hospital (emergency) care following the attempt
3Whether there had been a patient contact in the month preceding the attempt
4Whether suicide risk was noticed by the GP during contact in month preceding the attempt
5Whether the patient with a mental disorder (depression or other) was receiving specialised mental healthcare in the last 12 months
6 Whether there had been any patient contact after the attempt First and second follow-up
7 Whether there had been a contact with patient proxies (family or friends) First follow-up
8 Whether follow-up appointments had been scheduled with the patient Second follow-up
9Whether the patient was receiving specialised mental healthcareSecond follow-up
10Whether the GP had received patient care information from the hospital (emergency service) about the patientFirst and second follow-up
  • Indicators of quality of care are marked in bold.

  • GP, general practitioner.