Table 5

Determinants of transmission of hospital care information about suicide attempters to their general practitioner (GPs), Belgian Network of Sentinel General Practices (SGP), Flanders, 2013–2016

n/N (%)P valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)
All135/199 (67.8)
GP was on site following the suicide attempt
 Yes21/23 (91.3)0.0105.61 (1.54 to 20.39)
 No112/173 (64.7)Reference
GP was informed about attempt by patient
 Yes10/23 (43.5)0.008Removed *
 No123/173 (74.1)
Province of West or East Flanders
 Yes61/80 (76.3)0.037Removed *
 No74/119 (62.3)
Urbanisation of the SGP location
 Urban area72/125 (57.6)0.000Removed *
 Suburban area63/74 (85.1)
Interaction between province and urbanisation of SGP location
 Outside West East Flanders, urban area35/75 (46.8)0.000Reference
 West East Flanders, urban area37/50 (74.0)3.11 (1.16 to 8.33)
 West East Flanders, suburban area24/30 (80.0)4.40 (1.13 to 17.10)
 Outside West East Flanders, suburban area39/44 (88.6)9.95 (3.04 to 32.57)
  • The model initially included independent baseline and follow-up variables (including time span between event and reporting of second follow-up form) that were found to be associated univariately at the (borderline) 0.05 level with the dependent variable.

  • *Variable was removed because it did not significantly affect the fit of the model.

  • P, p value of univariate association.