Table 2

Difference in cumulative percentage revision of knee constructs compared with a contemporary benchmark at 5 years postprimary in women for knee replacements with ≥250 procedures remaining at risk

Knee brand, bearing and constraintNumber
at risk
failure (%)
in failure (%)
95% CIEquivalence
P value
(TKR) MRK cemented, unconstrained fixed25701.35(Reference)
(TKR) AGC cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed2642.651.31(−0.54 to 3.16)Non-inferiority not shown0.083
(TKR) AGC cemented, unconstrained fixed23 8291.850.50(0.13 to 0.88)Non-inferiority not shown0.004
(TKR) AGC hybrid, unconstrained fixed4313.111.76(0.17 to 3.35)Non-inferiority not shown0.015
(TKR) AGC uncemented, unconstrained fixed5025.344.00(2.10 to 5.89)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(TKR) Advance MP cemented, unconstrained fixed22642.461.11(0.48 to 1.75)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Advance MP Stature cemented, unconstrained fixed3782.931.58(0.31 to 2.86)Inferior by ≥20%0.007
(TKR) Advance PS cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed3542.971.62(0.09 to 3.15)Non-inferiority not shown0.019
(TKR) Columbus cemented, unconstrained fixed15952.531.19(0.54 to 1.83)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) E-Motion Bicondylar Knee uncemented, unconstrained mobile5443.221.87(0.57 to 3.17)Inferior by ≥20%0.002
(TKR) FS cemented, unconstrained fixed3972.340.99(−0.48 to 2.47)Non-inferiority not shown0.093
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed28482.150.80(0.29 to 1.32)Inferior by≥20%0.001
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, unconstrained fixed90211.440.10(−0.29 to 0.49)Non-inferiority not shown0.311
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, unconstrained mobile4641.480.14(−0.94 to 1.22)Non-inferiority not shown0.401
(TKR) Genesis 2 Oxinium cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed6203.492.14(1.00 to 3.29)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Genesis 2 Oxinium cemented, unconstrained fixed14852.751.41(0.63 to 2.19)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Insall-Burstein 2 cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed11772.631.28(0.33 to 2.23)Inferior by ≥20%0.004
(TKR) Journey Oxinium cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed2837.305.96(3.45 to 8.47)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(TKR) Kinemax cemented, unconstrained fixed53692.411.07(0.54 to 1.59)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) LCS cemented, unconstrained mobile3401.850.51(−0.90 to 1.91)Non-inferiority not shown0.239
(TKR) LCS Complete cemented, unconstrained mobile37592.621.28(0.72 to 1.84)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) LCS Complete uncemented, unconstrained mobile42052.611.26(0.73 to 1.80)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) LCS uncemented, unconstrained mobile6752.160.82(−0.29 to 1.92)Non-inferiority not shown0.073
(TKR) Maxim cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed2823.241.90(−0.02 to 3.82)Non-inferiority not shown0.026
(TKR) Maxim cemented, unconstrained fixed6292.341.00(−0.16 to 2.15)Non-inferiority not shown0.045
(TKR) NRG cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed17842.240.90(0.22 to 1.58)Non-inferiority not shown0.005
(TKR) NRG cemented, unconstrained fixed23501.790.44(−0.11 to 1.00)Non-inferiority not shown0.059
(TKR) Natural Knee II cemented, unconstrained fixed11832.341.00(0.15 to 1.84)Non-inferiority not shown0.010
(TKR) NexGen cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile4143.392.04(0.49 to 3.60)Inferior by ≥20%0.005
(TKR) NexGen cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed16 9892.300.95(0.56 to 1.34)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) NexGen cemented, unconstrained fixed12 6031.470.13(−0.25 to 0.51)Non-inferiority not shown0.253
(TKR) NexGen hybrid, unconstrained fixed4541.720.37(−0.79 to 1.54)Non-inferiority not shown0.266
(TKR) NexGen uncemented, posterior-stabilised fixed5142.661.31(0.10 to 2.52)Non-inferiority not shown0.017
(TKR) NexGen uncemented, unconstrained fixed14213.251.90(0.98 to 2.83)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Optetrak cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed7465.293.94(2.45 to 5.44)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile22802.921.57(0.90 to 2.24)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed23 6902.030.69(0.31 to 1.06)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, unconstrained fixed51 7621.610.27(−0.09 to 0.63)Non-inferiority not shown0.071
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, unconstrained mobile28522.721.37(0.73 to 2.01)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee hybrid, unconstrained fixed7711.750.40(−0.54 to 1.34)Non-inferiority not shown0.202
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee uncemented, unconstrained mobile2541.600.25(−1.07 to 1.57)Non-inferiority not shown0.355
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee monobloc polyethylene tibia14861.610.27(−0.27 to 0.80)Non-inferiority not shown0.163
(TKR) Profix cemented, unconstrained fixed4542.581.23(−0.19 to 2.66)Non-inferiority not shown0.045
(TKR) Profix Oxinium monobloc polyethylene tibia3173.582.24(0.22 to 4.26)Non-inferiority not shown0.015
(TKR) Profix uncemented, unconstrained fixed10551.810.47(−0.36 to 1.29)Non-inferiority not shown0.134
(TKR) Profix monobloc polyethylene tibia3711.470.13(−1.09 to 1.34)Non-inferiority not shown0.420
(TKR) Rotaglide+ cemented, unconstrained mobile8453.081.74(0.58 to 2.89)Inferior by ≥20%0.002
(TKR) Rotaglide cemented, unconstrained mobile4872.651.31(0.04 to 2.58)Non-inferiority not shown0.022
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile6622.030.68(−0.39 to 1.76)Non-inferiority not shown0.106
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed31752.010.67(0.09 to 1.25)Non-inferiority not shown0.012
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, unconstrained fixed53802.290.94(0.43 to 1.45)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, unconstrained mobile6013.392.05(0.61 to 3.49)Inferior by ≥20%0.003
(TKR) Scorpio hybrid, unconstrained fixed5651.950.60(−0.54 to 1.75)Non-inferiority not shown0.152
(TKR) Scorpio uncemented, unconstrained fixed17022.481.14(0.36 to 1.91)Inferior by ≥20%0.002
(TKR) TC Plus cemented, unconstrained fixed38202.190.84(0.28 to 1.40)Inferior by ≥20%0.002
(TKR) TC Plus cemented, unconstrained mobile22421.520.18(−0.41 to 0.76)Non-inferiority not shown0.279
(TKR) TC Plus uncemented, unconstrained mobile7122.401.06(0.02 to 2.09)Non-inferiority not shown0.023
(TKR) Triathlon cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed27542.521.18(0.63 to 1.72)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Triathlon cemented, unconstrained fixed83782.070.72(0.32 to 1.12)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Triathlon uncemented, unconstrained fixed2573.512.17(0.50 to 3.84)Inferior by ≥20%0.005
(TKR) Vanguard cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed6652.871.53(0.71 to 2.35)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Vanguard cemented, unconstrained fixed48401.960.61(0.19 to 1.04)Non-inferiority not shown0.002
(UNI) AMC/Uniglide Unicondylar, fixed4094.803.45(1.70 to 5.21)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) AMC/Uniglide Unicondylar, mobile47911.5410.19(7.69 to 12.69)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) MG Uni Unicondylar, fixed9536.665.32(3.77 to 6.87)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Oxford Partial Knee Unicondylar, mobile13 5556.585.23(4.74 to 5.72)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Physica ZUK Unicondylar, fixed11134.022.67(1.80 to 3.54)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Preservation Unicondylar, fixed48012.1210.78(8.04 to 13.52)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Sigma HP Unicondylar, fixed6885.894.55(3.35 to 5.75)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Sled Unicondylar, fixed3258.487.13(4.41 to 9.85)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
  • TKR, total knee replacement; UNI, unicondylar knee replacement.