Table 1

Difference in cumulative percentage revision of knee constructs compared with a contemporary benchmark at 5 years postprimary in men for knee replacements with ≥250 procedures remaining at risk

Knee brand, bearing and constraintNumber
at risk
failure (%)
in failure (%)
95% CIEquivalence
P value
(TKR) NexGen cemented, unconstrained fixed86391.76(Reference)
(TKR) AGC cemented, unconstrained fixed16 8712.280.52(0.24 to 0.80)Non-inferiority not shown<0.001
(TKR) AGC hybrid, unconstrained fixed3692.590.83(−0.70 to 2.36)Non-inferiority not shown0.143
(TKR) AGC uncemented, unconstrained fixed4684.873.11(1.33 to 4.88)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Advance MP cemented, unconstrained fixed17253.181.42(0.74 to 2.11)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Advance PS cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed2663.481.72(−0.11 to 3.55)Non-inferiority not shown0.033
(TKR) Columbus cemented, unconstrained fixed12242.490.73(0.08 to 1.38)Non-inferiority not shown0.013
(TKR) E-Motion Bicondylar Knee uncemented, unconstrained mobile5192.490.73(−0.41 to 1.88)Non-inferiority not shown0.105
(TKR) FS cemented, unconstrained fixed3051.760.00(−1.41 to 1.40)Non-inferiority not shown0.497
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed17232.971.21(0.61 to 1.82)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, unconstrained fixed65452.170.41(0.08 to 0.74)Non-inferiority not shown0.008
(TKR) Genesis 2 cemented, unconstrained mobile3103.521.76(−0.13 to 3.65)Non-inferiority not shown0.034
(TKR) Genesis 2 Oxinium cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed4115.273.51(1.89 to 5.13)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(TKR) Genesis 2 Oxinium cemented, unconstrained fixed11753.421.65(0.76 to 2.55)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Insall-Burstein 2 cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed8922.881.12(0.06 to 2.17)Non-inferiority not shown0.019
(TKR) Kinemax cemented, unconstrained fixed39273.081.32(0.76 to 1.87)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) LCS Complete cemented, unconstrained mobile27742.881.12(0.54 to 1.70)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) LCS Complete uncemented, unconstrained mobile34722.360.60(0.14 to 1.06)Non-inferiority not shown0.005
(TKR) LCS uncemented, unconstrained mobile4852.821.06(−0.36 to 2.48)Non-inferiority not shown0.072
(TKR) MRK cemented, unconstrained fixed16812.070.31(−0.26 to 0.87)Non-inferiority not shown0.143
(TKR) Maxim cemented, unconstrained fixed4811.860.10(−1.06 to 1.25)Non-inferiority not shown0.436
(TKR) NRG cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed12912.620.86(0.10 to 1.62)Non-inferiority not shown0.014
(TKR) NRG cemented, unconstrained fixed16493.141.38(0.67 to 2.09)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Natural Knee II cemented, unconstrained fixed7672.020.26(−0.65 to 1.16)Non-inferiority not shown0.288
(TKR) NexGen cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile2673.932.17(0.20 to 4.14)Non-inferiority not shown0.016
(TKR) NexGen cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed11 3542.891.13(0.81 to 1.45)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) NexGen hybrid, unconstrained fixed3791.47−0.29(−1.39 to 0.81)Non-inferiority not shown0.303
(TKR) NexGen uncemented, posterior-stabilised fixed5681.810.05(−0.87 to 0.97)Non-inferiority not shown0.456
(TKR) NexGen uncemented, unconstrained fixed16393.131.36(0.59 to 2.14)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Optetrak cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed5333.511.75(0.29 to 3.20)Non-inferiority not shown0.009
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile19762.650.89(0.27 to 1.51)Non-inferiority not shown0.002
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed15 8282.160.40(0.13 to 0.67)Non-inferiority not shown0.002
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, unconstrained fixed36 8561.830.07(−0.16 to 0.30)Non-inferior0.279
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee cemented, unconstrained mobile25652.750.98(0.40 to 1.57)Inferior by ≥20%0.001
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee hybrid, unconstrained fixed6191.860.10(−0.93 to 1.12)Non-inferiority not shown0.428
(TKR) PFC Sigma Bicondylar Knee monobloc polyethylene tibia8981.69−0.07(−0.61 to 0.46)Non-inferiority not shown0.394
(TKR) Profix cemented, unconstrained fixed3603.972.21(0.29 to 4.12)Non-inferiority not shown0.012
(TKR) Profix uncemented, unconstrained fixed8561.21−0.55(−1.26 to 0.16)Non-inferior0.064
(TKR) Rotaglide+ cemented, unconstrained mobile6104.402.64(1.11 to 4.17)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Rotaglide cemented, unconstrained mobile2914.302.54(0.62 to 4.45)Inferior by ≥20%0.005
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, posterior-stabilised mobile5172.390.63(−0.62 to 1.89)Non-inferiority not shown0.162
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed20902.911.14(0.43 to 1.86)Inferior by ≥20%0.001
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, unconstrained fixed36673.061.30(0.75 to 1.86)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) Scorpio cemented, unconstrained mobile4363.942.18(0.43 to 3.93)Inferior by ≥20%0.007
(TKR) Scorpio hybrid, unconstrained fixed3743.331.57(−0.16 to 3.30)Non-inferiority not shown0.038
(TKR) Scorpio uncemented, unconstrained fixed14402.500.74(−0.04 to 1.51)Non-inferiority not shown0.031
(TKR) TC Plus cemented, unconstrained fixed31333.001.23(0.64 to 1.83)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(TKR) TC Plus cemented, unconstrained mobile17582.610.84(0.13 to 1.56)Non-inferiority not shown0.010
(TKR) TC Plus uncemented, unconstrained mobile4341.800.04(−1.00 to 1.07)Non-inferiority not shown0.473
(TKR) Triathlon cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed18512.530.77(0.23 to 1.31)Non-inferiority not shown0.003
(TKR) Triathlon cemented, unconstrained fixed59951.940.18(−0.13 to 0.48)Non-inferiority not shown0.126
(TKR) Vanguard cemented, posterior-stabilised fixed4712.570.81(−0.05 to 1.67)Non-inferiority not shown0.033
(TKR) Vanguard cemented, unconstrained fixed34892.100.34(−0.01 to 0.70)Non-inferiority not shown0.028
(UNI) AMC/Uniglide Unicondylar, fixed3483.972.21(0.51 to 3.90)Inferior by ≥20%0.005
(UNI) AMC/Uniglide Unicondylar, mobile5198.907.14(5.06 to 9.22)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) MG Uni Unicondylar, fixed11305.363.60(2.33 to 4.86)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Oxford Partial Knee Unicondylar, mobile14 5815.723.96(3.59 to 4.33)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Physica ZUK Unicondylar, fixed12803.882.12(1.35 to 2.89)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(UNI) Preservation Unicondylar, fixed5668.556.79(4.61 to 8.96)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
(UNI) Sigma HP Unicondylar, fixed9484.362.59(1.75 to 3.44)Inferior by ≥20%<0.001
(UNI) Sled Unicondylar, fixed26111.479.71(6.30 to 13.12)Inferior by ≥100%<0.001
  • TKR, total knee replacement; UNI, unicondylar knee replacement.