Table 1

Prevalence of harm in the previous 12 months, weighted data

Harm typeNumber of respondents who experienced harmPercentage of respondents who experienced harm95% CI
Been kept awake due to noise or disruption3908.07.2 to 8.9
Felt uncomfortable or anxious at a social occasion (eg, a party)3316.86.0 to 7.6
Had a serious argument that did NOT include physical violence2755.75.0 to 6.4
Been let down by someone due to them failing to do something that I was counting on them to do because of their drinking1743.63.0 to 4.2
Been emotionally hurt or neglected1703.53.0 to 4.1
Felt physically threatened1643.42.8 to 4.0
Had to stop seeing or being in contact with someone because of their drinking1202.52.0 to 3.0
Had to contact the police1172.42.0 to 2.9
Had someone break or damage something that mattered to me951.91.5 to 2.5
Been physically hurt due to them assaulting me or acting violently921.91.5 to 2.4
Been put at risk in a car when someone was driving after drinking751.51.2 to 2.0
Felt genuinely concerned that they may cause harm to my children or someone else’s children611.20.9 to 1.6
Had to spend my personal time caring for a person with a long-term health condition or disability that resulted from their current or previous drinking571.20.9 to 1.5
Been physically hurt due to them accidentally injuring me (eg, by falling on me)531.10.8 to 1.5
Had money that would have improved the quality of my life spent on their alcohol-related purchases501.00.8 to 1.4
Drank alcohol myself in order to cope with the problems caused by their drinking330.70.5 to 1.0
Felt forced or pressured into sex or something sexual330.70.5 to 1.0
Had to move out of my usual place of residence and stay somewhere else250.50.3 to 0.8
At least one reported harm98020.118.9 to 21.4
At least one aggressive harm2254.64.0 to 5.4
  • Weighted n=4874.