Table 2

Baseline characteristics of the whole study population stratified according to level of dependency of home care within the month prior to index contact

Study population:
Patients ≥65 year old with an acute medical emergency department (ED) contact and residents in the municipality of Odense
Patients living independent the month before index contactPatients dependent on home care the month before the index contactPatients in residential care any time within the month before index contactPearson
χ2 test
In years, median (IQR)78 (71–85)74 (69–79)83 (76–88)85 (78–90)
Age groups
 65–74 years36.5% (n=1378)54.4% (n=1004)20.3% (n=267)17.5% (n=107)
 75–84 years36.2% (n=1368)35.2% (n=649)39.5% (n=520)32.5% (n=199)
 ≥85 years27.3% (n=1029)10.5% (n=193)40.2% (n=529)50.1% (n=307)
 Female55.2% (n=2083)47.2% (n=871)63.0% (n=829)62.5% (n=383)
 Male44.8% (n=1692)52.8% (n=975)37.0% (n=487)37.5% (n=230)
Being alone371518321286597P<0.001
 No42.1% (n=1565)59.6% (n=1092)29.4% (n=378)15.9% (n=95)
 Yes57.9% (n=2150)40.4% (n=740)70.6% (n=908)84.1% (n=502)
Charlson Comorbidity Index377518461396613P<0.001
 Median (IQR)1 (0–3)1 (0–2)2 (1–4)2 (1–4)
 028.6% (n=1081)40.1% (n=741)19.6% (n=258)13.4% (n=82)
 1–241.7% (n=1575)40.2% (n=742)40.5% (n=533)48.9% (n=300)
 ≥329.6% (n=1119)19.7% (n=363)39.9% (n=525)37.7% (n=231)
No of medications377518461316613P<0.001
 Median (IQR)5 (3–8)4 (2–7)6 (4–9)6 (4–9)
Urgency category367817851289604P=0.564
 Urgent38.8% (n=1428)39.6% (n=707)37.7% (n=486)38.9% (n=235)
 Less urgent61.2% (n=2250)60.4% (n=1078)62.3% (n=803)61.1% (n=369)
Index contact377518461316613P<0.001
 ED visit32.4% (n=1224)38.2% (n=706)25.9% (n=341)28.9% (n=177)
 Hospital admission67.6% (n=2551)61.8% (n=1140)74.1% (n=975)71.1% (n=436)
Length of admission25511140975436P<0.001
 <48 hours20.1% (n=513)23.8% (n=271)15.7% (n=153)20.4% (n=89)
 ≥48 hours79.9% (n=2.038)76.2% (n=869)84.3% (n=822)79.6% (n=347)
 Median days (IQR)5 (2–9)4 (2–7)6 (3–10)5 (2–9)
In-hospital mortality377518461316613
 Died during hospitalisation6.8% (n=256)4.0% (n=74)9.4% (n=124)9.5% (n=58)P<0.001
  • Data are presented as number of patients (n), proportions (%) and median (IQR).