Table 2

Reasons provided by GPs not to explore suicidal feelings among patients with depressive disorder (n=579)

New episode
N (%†)
Existing episode
N (%†)
N (%†)
I thought the patient would not be suicidal*97 (82.9)294 (63.6)391 (67.5)
The patient indicated earlier that he/she was not suicidal**13 (11.1)115 (24.9)128 (22.1)
There was not enough rapport to ask such a sensitive question3 (2.6)10 (2.2)13 (2.2)
I did not want to give the patient any ideas1 (0.9)1 (0.2)2 (0.3)
Other17 (14.5)99 (21.4)116 (20)
Total no of GPs117462579
Total no of responses131519650
  • Significant at level *p<0.001, **p=0.001.

  • †Percentages are presented for the number of GPs and do not add up to 100% due to multiple response item.

  • GPs, general practitioners.