Table 1

Characteristics of included studies*

Author(s)YearQualitative methodsParticipants†Country/countriesNewborn care practices
Aborigo, Moyer, Rominski, et al 2012In-depth interviews (IDI), focus group discussions (FGD).Mothers, healthcare providers, traditional birth attendant (TBA), community leaders, grandmothers, compound heads, heads of households.GhanaBreastfeeding practices
Adejuyigbe, Bee, Amare et al 2015IDI, narrative interviews and observations (O).Mothers, fathers, health workers, grandmothers, TBA.Nigeria, Tanzania, EthiopiaThermal care and bathing
Alam, Ali, Sultana et al 2008IDI, O.Mothers, fathers, grandmother, family members, TBA.BangladeshCord care practices
Amare2014IDI.Mothers, grandmothers, TBA.EthiopiaCord care practices
Amare, Shamba, Manzi, et al 2015IDI, FGD, O.Mothers, fathers, health workers, TBA, grandmothers, merchants.Four African sitesEmollient use for skin care
Atyeo, Frank, Vail et al 2017Semistructured interviews (SSI).Mothers.GuatemalaBreastfeeding practices
Bazzano, Kirkwood, Tawiah-Agyeman, et al 2008IDI, FGD, participant observation, case study (CS), SSI.Mothers, grandmothers, health providers, community members.GhanaCare-seeking behaviours
Bazzano, Oberhelman, Potts et al 2015IDI, O, FGD, visual media.Mothers, grandmothers, fathers.CambodiaBreastfeeding practices
Bazzano, Var, Grossman, et al 2017O, SSI.Mothers.CambodiaNewborn care practices with emphasis on use of emollients
Byaruhanga, Nsungwa-Sabiiti, Kiguli, et al 2011IDI, FGD.Mothers, TBA, elderly care takers.UgandaCare-seeking behaviours
Degefie, Amare, and Mulligan2014IDI, key informant interviews.Mothers, grandmothers, TBA, fathers.EthiopiaGeneral care practices
Dhinga, Gittelsohn, Suleiman, et al 2014IDI, FGD.Mothers, fathers, TBA, grandmothers, healthcare providers.TanzaniaCord care practices
Engmann et al 2013IDI, FGD.Mothers, grandmothers, healthcare providers.GhanaNewborn illness, danger signs and care-seeking behaviour
Gondwe, Munthali, Ashorn, et al 2014IDI, FGD.Mothers, fathers, TBA, grandmothers, traditional healers.MalawiPreterm birth and care-seeking practices
Herlihy, Shaikh, Mazimba, et al 2013IDI, FGD.Mothers, grandmothers, TBA, community members.ZambiaCord care practices
Hill, Tawaiah-Agyemang, Manu et al 2010IDI, FGD and narratives.Mothers, grandmothers, TBA, fathers, pregnant women.GhanaThermal care practices
Hunter, Callaghan-Koru, Mahmud, et al 2014IDI, FGD.Pregnant women, mothers, husbands, grandmothers, traditional healers, community leaders, religious leaders, healthcare providers.BangladeshSkin to Skin practices
Kesterton and Cleland2009IDI, FGD.Mothers, grandmothers, TBA.IndiaGeneral care practices
Khadduri, Marsh, Rasmussen et al 2008SSI, FGD.Women of reproductive age, health service providers, mothers, fathers.PakistanGeneral care practices
Lee, Durham, Booth, et al IDI, FGD.Mothers, healthcare staff, key informants.Lao Peoples Democratic RepublicBreastfeeding practices
Lunze, Yeboah-Antwi and Marsh2014IDI, FGD.Mothers, community leaders, health officers, grandmothers.ZambiaNeonatal hypothermia and thermal care practices
Melesse-Salasibew, Filteau, and Marchant2014IDI, SSI, FGD.Mothers, local experts on newborn care practices.EthiopiaGeneral care practices following home births
Moran, Choudhury,
Khan, et al
2009IDI.Pregnant women, mothers.BangladeshGeneral care practices
Moyer, Aborgio, Logonia et al 2012IDI, FGD.Women with newborns, grandmothers, compound heads, community leaders, TBA, healthcare providers.GhanaCord care practices
Mrisho, Schellenberg, Mushi et al 2008IDI, FGD, CS.Female community informants.TanzaniaHome-based care practices
Nabiwemba, Atuyambe, Criel, et al 2014IDI.Mothers.UgandaCare practices for LBW babies
Nalwadda, Waiswa, Guwatudde, et al 2015IDI, FGD.Mothers, fathers, TBA.UgandaGeneral care practices with emphasis on cord care
Newbrander, Natiq, Shahim, et al 2014IDI, FGD, O.Household members of perinatal woman, community members.AfghanistanGeneral care practices
Okeyere, Tawiah-Agyemang, Manu, et al 2010IDI, FGD, birth narratives (BN).Mothers, TBAs, grandmothers, husbands, asram healers.GhanaTraditional illness
Pati, Chauhan, Panda, et al 2014IDI.Mothers, TBA.IndiaGeneral care practices with an emphasis on breast feeding
Premji, Khowaja, Meherali, et al 2014IDI, FGD.Mothers, fathers, grandmothers.PakistanGeneral care practices
Sacks, Moss, Winch et al 2015IDI, FGD, O.Mothers, TBA, hospital staff.ZambiaSkin, thermal and cord care
Shamba, Schellenberg, Hildon et al 2014IDI, FGD, BN.Mothers, TBA.TanzaniaBathing, thermal, and skin to skin care practices
Tawiah-Agyemang, Kirkwood, Edmond, et al 2008SSI, FGD.Mother, women of childbearing age, health workers, policy-makers.GhanaInitiation of breast feeding
Thairu and Pelto2008IDI.Mothers.TanzaniaGeneral care practices
Waiswa, Kemigisa, Kiguli, et al 2008IDI, FGD.Mothers, fathers, grandparents.UgandaGeneral care practices
Walsh, Norr, Sankar, et al 2014FGD.TBA, pregnant women, stakeholders, traditional healers.HaitiCord care practices
  • *Colour coding indicates geographical regions. Orange: Sub Saharan Africa, Blue: South Asia, Light Orange: Southeast Asia, Green: Latin America and Caribbean.

  • †Data for the review were only extracted from participants who were family members (including mothers of newborns or mothers-to-be) and non-professionals who provided care at home to the newborn.