Table 1

Measures organised by domain, location of assessment, source of data and day of assessment

Domain measuresReported byPostinjury
Day0 Day≤3 Day3–7 Day7*a Day7-45a Day45a
Variables and measures collected as part of routine clinical care
Acute signs and symptoms
 Injury report formCare providerX
Acute mental status
 Standardized Assessment of Concussion*Care providerX
Neuropsychological functioning
  Cogstate Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool*†Care providerXXX
 Balance Error Scoring System*Care providerX
Variables and measures included in the daily survey
Physical rest
 ActiGraph-Energy Expenditure/SleepY Embedded Image
 Daily Physical and Cognitive Rest Survey‡Y Embedded Image
Cognitive rest
 Narrative Clip-Cognitive Rest Video ClipsY Embedded Image
 Daily Physical and Cognitive Rest Survey‡Y Embedded Image
 Pain intensity ratingY Embedded Image
Postconcussive symptoms
 Post-Concussive Symptom Scale*Y Embedded Image
Variables and measures included in the three assessments
Functional outcomes
 Functional Disability Inventory*Y and PXXX
 Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory*Y and PXX
Potential confounders
 Premorbid child functioning
  Behavior Assessment System for Children*P
 Concussion riskYX
 Demographic information and postinjury eventsY and PXXX
  • Day0: Day of injury.

  • Day ≤3: Date of 1st assessment (within 72 hours of injury).

  • Day7*: Date of second assessment (between 7–10 days after injury).

  • Day45a: Date of third assessment.

  • *Adopted in the Common Data Elements for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury. Administered at any time during recovery.

  • †Evaluated by physician during a clinic visit(s) as needed as part of routine care.

  • ‡Data collection until the acute symptoms resolve.

  • §Retrospective ratings by parents at the first assessment to assess premorbid functioning.

  • P, parent; Y, youth.