Table 1

Data sources for outcome and accessibility/exposure variables to be used in statistical analysis for years 2008–2018

Dataset nameData sourceDerived variablesCoverageWork package (WP)
GBS accessibility and exposure dataset.Local authorities, ordnance survey, satellite data sources.Typology to be developed. The dataset will include GBS such as parks, woodland, sports facilities, trees in residential areas.Wales.WP1 and WP2
Welsh Longitudinal General Practice dataset
(core SAIL dataset).
Primary care records recorded by GP.CMDs such as anxiety and depression (see outcome variable section for details).70% of practices in Wales provide data to SAIL.WP1 and WP2
Welsh Demographic Service dataset (core SAIL dataset).NHS Wales Informatics Service.Age, gender, week of birth, multiple move in and out of home dates.Total population of Wales who are registered with a GP, a free to use service in the UK.WP1 and WP2
National Survey for Wales
(restricted SAIL dataset).
Welsh Government.Subjective well-being, self-reported visits to GBS.Cross-sectional, representative sample approximately 12 000 participants per year.WP2
  • GBS, green-blue spaces; GP, general practitioner; CMDs, common mental health disorders; SAIL, Secure Anonymised Information Linkage.