Table 1

Descriptive statistics for all countries and the subsets on either side of the 600 mg/day threshold

All countries (n=184)
 PTB rate* (# PTBs per 100 live births)––18.1
 Estimated total LC omega-3 PUFA† (mg/day)310386182–45338345–3895
 Gross National Income‡––3.0
Countries <600 mg/day estimated total LC omega-3 PUFA (n=157)
 PTB rate* (# PTBs per 100 live births)10.410.47.8––18.1
 Estimated total LC omega-3 PUFA† (mg/day)267277164–36913445–579
 Gross National Income‡––3.0
Countries above 600 mg/day estimated total LC omega-3 PUFA (n=26, Maldives excluded as an omega-3 intake outlier)
 PTB rate* (# PTBs per 100 live births)––15.5
 Estimated total LC omega-3 PUFA† (mg/day)804907677–959331618–2012
 Gross National Income‡––3.0
  • *PTB rates from Blencowe et al.1

  • †LC omega-3 PUFA levels based on information from Micha et al37 38 and the calculations described in the Methods section.

  • ‡Gross National Income coded as a variable with four levels using the World Bank Atlas Method (0=low income, 3=high income).1

  • LC omega-3 PUFA, long- chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid; PTB, preterm birth.