Table 2

Analysis summary (P: primary; S: secondary)

WPOutcomes (type)ExposuresConfoundersInteractions of interest
1P: CMD (count)P: Access and exposure to GBS.LSOA level: Quintile of deprivation (WIMD). Category of urban/rural settlement type (ONS classification).Change in access and exposure to GBS by deprivation.
S: GP event days (count)S: Time of move(s).Individual level (SAIL): gender, age, comorbidities.Change in access and exposure to GBS by time of move(s).
2P2: SWB (continuous)P2: Access and exposure to GBS.LSOA level: as per WP1.Exact number of visits by individual level deprivation.
P1: CMD (count)S: Level of engagement in 150+ min of moderate or vigorous intensity activity per week.Individual level and NSW: gender, age, comorbidities, highest educational qualification, marital status (incl. living with partner).Exact number of visits by residential GBS.
Exact number of visits made outdoors for recreation in last   4  weeks.
  • CMD, common mental health disorder; GBS, green-blue spaces; GP, general practitioner; NSW, National Survey for Wales; ONS, Office for National Statistics; SAIL, Secure Anonymised Information Linkage; SWB, subjective well-being; WP1, work package 1.