Table 4

Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of the BRIGHTLIGHT cohort at wave 1

Socioeconomic status (IMD quintile) (n=1088)
 1 – most deprived25023
 5 – least deprived20519
Marital status (n=725)
 Married/civil partnership264
Current status (n=830)
 Working full/part time25731
 In education27433
 Other work (apprentice/intern/voluntary)172
 Long term sick12615
 Not seeking work12515
Length of inpatient stay over 12 months (n=1070) days
 Median (IQR)259 to 74
Treatment (n=1114)*
 Systemic anticancer therapy88079
 Active monitoring303
 Transplant (stem cell or bone marrow)283
Severity of illness (n=1114)
Clinical processes of care (documentation available in clinical records)
 Histological diagnosis (n=1072)97491
 Molecular diagnosis (n=737)†25835
 Cancer stage or prognostic group (n=1078)101594
 Initial treatment plan (n=1071)97491
 MDT communication (n=1074)103797
 Assessment by supportive care services (n=1057)56353
 Fertility being discussed (n=1063)69365
 Consideration into a clinical trial (n=1057)67664
  • *N greater than 1114 reflects multiple treatment modalities for some diagnoses.

  • †Where relevant, indicated as not relevant in 320.

  • CNS, central nervous system; IMD, Index of Multiple deprivation.