Table 1

Maternal and pregnancy characteristics of First Nations and non-Indigenous singleton births in Quebec 1996–2010

CharacteristicFirst Nations
(n=17 090)
(n=217 760)
P value*
Maternal age (year)25.1 (6.2)28.8 (5.2)<0.0001
Maternal education (year)11.1 (3.1)13.9 (3.1)<0.0001
 <High school41.610.3<0.0001
 High school (11 y)22.215.2
 College (12–13 y)15.016.1
 University (14+y)21.258.3
Marital status (%)<0.0001
 Common-law union51.851.4
 Single, divorced, widowed26.58.1
Primiparous (%)40.846.6<0.0001
Rural residence (%)75.615.6<0.0001
Diabetes in pregnancy (%)
 Pregestational diabetes3.91.1<0.0001
 Gestational diabetes10.74.8<0.0001
Other complications (%)
 Chronic hypertension1.30.7<0.0001
 Gestational hypertension8.04.3<0.0001
 Heart disease0.60.40.0375
 Renal disease4.02.7<0.0001
 Genitourinary infections3.92.5<0.0001
Infant sex, male51.751.20.2095
  • Data presented are % or mean (SD).

  • *P values for comparisons between First Nations and non-Indigenous groups.