Table 2

Total number of health workers by broad categories as of 1 January 2016

Health worker categoryEstimates based on NSSO as of 1 January 2016Registered, 2015*% of estimated to registered
Allopathic doctor770 277936 48882.25
Dental practice95 959154 43662.14
AYUSH530 919744 56371.31
Physiotherapy, diagnostic and others86 50860 000144.18
Nursing and midwife1 317 6691 673 33878.74
Pharmacist214 744664 17632.33
Health associate professional†811 744NANA
ANMNA789 740NA
All3 827 8205 022 74176.21
  • Sources: column 2: authors’ estimates using unit-level data of the NSSO 2011–2012; column 3: CBHI 2017.18

  • *Registered with MCI/INC, Association and MoHFW records.

  • †Includes health assistants, sanitarians, dietitians and nutritionist, optometrists and opticians, dental assistants, physiotherapy associates, pharmacist assistants, and so on.

  • ANM, auxiliary nurses and midwives; AYUSH, indigenous Indian system of medicine comprising Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy; CBHI, Central Bureau of Health Intelligence; INC, Indian Nursing Council; MCI, Medical Council of India; MoHFW, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; NA, not available; NSSO, National Sample Survey Organisation.