Table 3

Number, percentage distribution and per 10 000 population of other support workers in the health sector estimated from NSSO as of 1 January 2016

Types of workersTotal number of support workers in the health sectorDistribution of all support workers (%)Support workers in the health sector per 10 000 population
Clerks, cashiers, tellers and so on261 04821.01.98
Personal care, housekeeping and so on212 49917.11.62
Garbage collectors and related labourers161 92313.01.23
Life science professionals87 1087.00.66
Directors and chief executives and managers79 5456.40.60
Motor drivers64 2165.20.49
Other workers in the health sector58 8714.70.45
Messengers, porters, door keepers and related52 8544.20.40
Physical and engineering science technicians50 8844.10.39
Chemical products and machine operators36 2112.90.28
Precision workers in metal and related materials33 9542.70.26
Mathematicians, statisticians and computer professionals33 3652.70.25
Architects, engineers and related25 2652.00.19
General and department managers24 6342.00.19
Mechanics, fitters, finishers and so on19 8051.60.15
Business professionals19 5451.60.15
Teaching professionals and associates18 3081.50.14
Physicists, chemists and related58440.50.04
Total1 245 8781009.47
  • Source: authors’ estimates using unit-level data of the National Sample Survey Organisation 2011–2012.