Table 1

Summary of studies included in this review

ReferenceType of databaseCountryTime frame of data collectionLength of follow-upAdjusted NOS scores
Abrahamsen29National prescriptionDenmark1995 to 200710 years6/6
Blouin et al30Régie de l’asssurance maladie du QuébecCanada2002to 20042 years8/8
Blouin et al20Régie de l’asssurance maladie du QuébecCanada1998 to 2001 & 2000 to 20041 year6/6
Brankin et al31General practice research database IMS disease analyserUK2001 to 20041 year6/6
Doctors independent network database
Briesacher et al32MarketScan research databasesUSA2000 to 20041 to 3 years6/6
Briesacher et al33MarketScan commercial claims and encounters and MedicareN/A2001 to 20061 year6/6
Burden et al34Ontario drug benefit databaseCanada1996 to 20091 to 9 years6/6
Burden et al35Ontario drug benefit databaseCanada2001 to 20121 year6/6
Cadarette et al21Pennsylvania pharmaceutical assistance contractUSA1995 to 20056 months6/6
Carbonell-Abella et al22Sistema d‘informacio per al desenvolupament de la investigacio en atencio primariaSpain2007 to 20101 year8/8
Cheen et al36CITRIX patient record management system and MAXCARE prescription record system, Singapore General HospitalSingapore2007 to 20082 years6/6
Cheng et al23Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical CentreTaiwan2001 to 20072 years8/8
Colombo and Montecucco37Aziende sanitarie localiItaly2008 to 200834 months6/6
Copher et al38Administrative claimsUSA2002 to 20061 year8/8
Cotté et al39Thales longitudinal prescriptionFrance2007 to 20081 year8/8
Cramer et al40De-identified healthcare claimsUSA1997 to 20021 year8/8
Cramer et al41Integrated Healthcare Information Services Inc.USA1997 to 20031 year6/6
General practice research databaseUK2001 to 2005
ThalesFrance2000 to 20048/8
Curtis et al42Linked enrolment, outpatient encounter, pharmacy and procedural billingUSA2001 to 200439 months
Curtis et al43Unidentified administrative claimsUSA1998 to 20053 years6/6
Curtis et al44Unidentified administrative claimsUSA1998 to 20053 years6/6
Curtis et al45Unidentified administrative claimsUSA1998 to 20051 year6/6
Devine et al46Pharmacy data transaction service data warehouseUSA2006 to 20081 year8/8
Devold et al47Norwegian prescription databaseNorway2005 to 20095 years8/8
Downey et al24National administrative claimsUSA2001 to 20031 year6/6
Dugard et al48An unidentified database of GP recordsUK1996 to 20025 years6/6
Ettinger et al49A large database was accessed throughUSA2002 to 20031 year6/6
Feldstein et al50Undefined health maintenance organisationUSA1996 to 20062.7 years6/6
Gallagher et al51General practice research databaseUK1987 to 20062.3 years8/8
Gold et al52IMS longitudinal prescriptionUSAX to 20056 months8/8
Gold et al53Unidentified pharmacy claimsUSA1996 to 20032 years6/6
Gold et al54IMS longitudinal prescriptionUSA1996 to 20031 year8/8
Hadji et al55IMS disease analyser patientGermany2004 to 20072 years6/6
Hadji et al25Techniker krankenkasseGermany2006 to 20092 years6/6
Hadji et al56IMS disease analyser patientGermany2001 to 20101 year6/6
Halpern et al26Unidentified administrative claimsUSA2002 to 200618 months8/8
Hansen et al27Danish national registersDenmark1996 to 20065.2 years6/6
Hansen et al57Veteran affairs pharmacy service recordsUSA2000 to 20042 years8/8
Hawley et al58Sistema d‘informaciό per al desenvolupament de l‘investigaciό en atenciό primariaSpain2006 to 20076 months6/6
Hoer et al59Claims database of a statutory sickness fundGermany2000 to 20042 years6/6
Ideguchi et al60Yokohama City University Medical CentreJapan2000 to 20055 years6/6
Iolascon et al28Unidentified administrative prescription database campaniaItaly2008 to 20101 year6/6
Jones et al61Ontario Drugs Database and Brogan Inc. private payer databaseCanada2003 to 20061 year6/6
Kamatari et al62Pharmacy prescription databaseJapan2000 to 20054 years6/6
Kertes et al63Maccabi healthcare services databaseIsrael2003 to 20041 year6/6
Kishimoto and Machara64Platform for clinical information statistical analysis databaseJapan2006 to 20148 years6/6
Lakatos et al65National health insurance fund administrationHungary2004 to 20132 years6/6
Landfeldt et al66Swedish prescribed drug registerSweden2005 to 20094 years6/6
LeBlanc et al67Kaiser Permanente NorthwestUSA1997 to 20115 years6/6
Li et al68General practice research databaseUK1995 to 20085 years6/6
Lin et al69Unidentified health insurance databaseTaiwan2003 to 20061 year6/6
Lo et al70Kaiser Permanente of Northern CaliforniaUSA2002 to 20041 year8/8
Martin et al71HealthCore integrated research database2005 to 20073 years8/8
McCombs et al72Unidentified health insurance company, CaliforniaUSA1998 to 20011 year6/6
Modi et al73InVision data mart databaseUSA2002 to 20091 year6/6
Modi et al74InVision data mart databaseUSA2001 to 20102 years6/6
Modi et al75Humana administrative health claims databaseUSA2007 to 20131 year6/6
Netelenbos et al76IMS health longitudinal prescription databaseNetherlands2007 to 20081 year6/6
Olsen et al77The Danish national prescription registerDenmark1997 to 20062 years8/8
Papaioannou et al78The Canadian database of osteoporosis and osteopeniaCanada1990 to 20013 years8/8
Patrick et al79Medicare and the Pennsylvania pharmaceutical assistance contract for the elderlyUSA1996 to 20056 months6/6
Penning-van Beest et al80PHARMO record linkage systemNetherlands2000 to 20031 year6/6
Penning-van Beest et al81PHARMO record linkage systemNetherlands1999 to 20041 year6/6
Penning-van Beest et al82PHARMO record linkage system databaseNetherlands1999 to 20041 year8/8
Rabenda et al83Belgian national social security instituteBelgium2001 to 20041 year8/8
Recker et al84NDC health databaseUSA2002 to 20031 year6/6
Reynolds et al85Kaiser Permanente Southern CaliforniaUSA2009 to 20111 year6/6
Richards et al86Veterans affairs rheumatoid arthritis registryUSA39.2 months8/8
Rietbrock et al87General practice research databaseUK1 year6/6
Roerholt et al88National hospital discharge register and Danish national prescriptions database, DenmarkDenmark1997 to 20049 years6/6
Roughead et al89Department of veterans’ affairsAustralia2001 to 20076/6
Sampalis et al90Ontario ministry of health and long-term care databasesCanada1996 to 200914 years6/6
Scotti et al91Healthcare utilisation databases, LombardyItaly2003 to 20105.3 years8/8
Sheehy et al92Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec databases2002 to 20071 year6/6
Siris et al93MedStat MarketScan commercial claims and encounters and Medicare databasesUSA1999 to 20032 years6/6
Siris et al94The MarketScan commercial claims and encounters and Medicare supplemental and coordinator of benefits databasesUSA2001 to 20082.4 years6/6
Soong et al95National health insurance research databaseTaiwan2004 to 20061 year6/6
Ström96Swedish prescribed drug registerSweden2005 to 20094 years6/6
Sunyecz et al97Thomson healthcare, MarketScan commercial claims and encounters and MarketScan Medicare, supplemental and coordination of benefits databasesUSA2000 to 20023 years6/6
Tafaro et al98General practitioner databasesItaly2001 to 2007300 days6/6
Van Boven et al99The InterAction databaseNetherlands2003 to 20111 year6/6
Van den Boogaard et al100PHARMO record linkage systemNetherlands1996 to 20033 years6/6
Wang et al101Centres for Medicare and Medicaid servicesUSA2006 to 20105 years6/6
Weiss et al102IMS longitudinal prescription database2004 to 20061 year6/6
Weycker et al103PharMetrics patient-centric databaseUSA1998 to 20035.5 years6/6
Weycker et al104Health alliance plan of Henry Ford Health SystemUSA2002 to 200727.1 months6/6
Yeaw et al105PharMetrics patient-centric databaseUSA2005 to 20051 to 2 years6/6
Yood et al106Unidentified health maintenance organisationUSA1998 to 199918 months6/6
Zambon et al107Health services databases of LombardyItaly2003 to 20053 years6/6
Ziller et al108IMS longitudinal prescription databaseGermany2007 to 20091 year6/6
  • GP, general practitioner; NOS, Newcastle–Ottawa quality assessment scale; N/A, not reported.