Table 4

Percentage of health professionals without the requisite qualifications and the adjusted estimates of health workers, total number and per 10 000 population

Health worker categoryHealth professional not with requisite qualifications (%)*Total number of HRH after adjusting for educationDensity of HRH per 10 000 population after adjusting for education
Allopathic physician24585 4114.5
Dental practice888 2820.7
AYUSH21419 4263.2
Physiotherapy, diagnostic and others4547 5790.4
Nursing and midwife58553 4214.2
Health associate professional†62308 4632.3
Pharmacist6281 6030.6
Total542 084 18515.8
  • Source: authors’ estimates using unit-level data of National Sample Survey Organisation 2011–2012.

  • *The level of required qualifications considered for doctors (allopathic, dental and AYUSH) was graduate/postgraduate in medicine, for nurse and midwife higher secondary with technical education in medicine or related field, and for others higher secondary with technical education in paramedical related fields.15

  • †Includes health assistants, sanitarians, dietitians and nutritionists, optometrists and opticians, dental assistants, physiotherapy associates, pharmacist assistants, and so on.

  • AYUSH, indigenous Indian system of medicine comprising Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy; HRH, human resource for health.