Table 1

Organisations of significance to the commissioning of cervical screening pre-HSCA and post-HSCA

Primary Care TrustsResponsible for all public health commissioning, including sexual health services; responsible for commissioning national screening programmes, including cervical screening.
UK National Screening CommitteeProvision of advice and support to NHS organisations on population screening programmes.
Local authoritiesResponsible for most public health commissioning, including most sexual health services (contraception over and above GP contract, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, sexual health advice and promotion).
NHS England (NHSE)Responsible for commissioning national screening programmes, including cervical screening, and some sexual health services (notably contraception through GP contract, and HIV treatment).
Public Health England (PHE) (including National Screening Committee)Hosts UK National Screening Committee secretariat, which retains the same role; PHE staff embedded in subregional NHSE screening and immunisation teams to provide expertise and ‘leadership’.
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)Responsible for improving clinical outcomes for their patients and prevent premature death (as part of the NHS Outcomes Framework, which CCGs are held to account on by NHSE); GP members are funded to carry out cervical screening through the GP contract.
  • GP, general practitioner; HSCA, Health and Social Care Act 2012.