Table 1

Characteristics of the study participants and focus groups (FGs)

FG sessionNumber of participantsNumber of groupsNumber of participants per groupMean intensive care unit (ICU) experience, year±SDMean nursing experience, year±SDSex distribution
11133 and 49.0±8.312.8±10.510 women
1 man
27177.5±7.310.7±8.17 women
0 man
3102512.6±10.417.8±11.710 women
0 man
46166.6±7.18.6±7.54 women
2 men
5123411.0±10.614.6±12.312 women
0 man
Total number of FGsTotal number of participantsMean ICU experience, year±SDMean nursing experience, year±SDTotal sex distribution
5469.8±9.013.5±10.643 women
3 men