Table 2

Characteristics of in-depth interview participants

GenderAge range (years)OccupationDisaster-related role
P1M35–39Assistant teacher at high schoolOpens the doors of the local cyclone centre and escorts people inside
P2M30–34Fisherman and shop ownerDelivers disaster warning signal through mic in village
P3M30–34Agricultural workerNot specified
P4M35–39Fisherman and labourerMember of village disaster committee
P5F25–29Assistant teacher at primary schoolOpens the doors of the school building and escorts people inside for shelter
P6F35–39Social workerEducates villagers on disaster preparedness, assists in delivering warning signal, helps vulnerable people evacuate households, leads search parties
P7F25–29Housewife and employee of family planning non-governmental organisationVice president of village disaster committee (administrative role)