Table 8

Cost of recruitment strategies*

Author, yearCosts reportedRecruitment phaseIntervention/sRandomised, nCostCost per participant
Bhar et al, 201338 Direct cost (stationary, postage, phone calls and catering) and indirect cost (staff time)Identification of participantsMass mailing—primary care patients mailing list6US$3813US$636
Health services referral—co-investigator’s Veteran’s Affairs mental health clinic24US$1066US$44
Health services referral—psychiatric outpatient clinic3US$497US$166
Health services referral—primary care physicians0US$643N/A
Health services referral—inpatient psychiatric unit0US$519N/A
Chlebowski et al, 201040 Mailing cost (not further specified)Identification of participantsMass mailing—male home owners600US$155 596US$259
Mass mailing—spouses of previous female participant34US$2000US$59
Donovan et al, 200349 Salary and on-costs for staff timeParticipant information and consentRecruitment visit performed by urologist53NR£43.29
Recruitment visit performed by nurse50NR£36.40
  • *Poor quality studies excluded.

  • NR, not reported.