Table 1

Study population characteristics (n=10 355)

Population characteristicsN (%)
 Males4774 (46.1)
 Females5581 (53.9)
Age group
 18–302708 (26.2)
 31–402964 (28.6)
 41–504683 (45.2)
Educational level
 Primary school and lower secondary education (10 years or less)1018 (9.8)
 Upper secondary education (an additional 3–4 years)4242 (41.0)
 University or university college4794 (46.3)
 Missing301 (2.9)
Occupational group
 Legislators, senior officials and managers and professionals and armed forces (groups 0–I–II only)2674 (25.8)
 Technicians and associated professionals (group III)2646 (25.6)
 Clerks and service workers and shop and market sales workers (groups IV–V)1383 (13.4)
 Skilled agriculture and fishery workers and craft and related trade workers (groups VI–VII)1219 (11.8)
 Plant and machine operators and assemblers and elementary occupations (groups VIII–IX)1024 (9.9)
 Missing1409 (13.6)