Table 2

Multilevel regressions for the walking outcome adjusting for age, gender, income, self-rated health and regular access to private mode of transport

Model 1:
walkability index
Model 2:
components of the walkability index
Model 3:
land-use mix + time use
Model 4: land-use mix with time use interaction
Minutes of walking for transport per day (SE)
Intercept1.317 (0.175)***1.315 (0.174)***1.426 (0.133)***1.515 (0.126)***
Walkability index (z-score)0.036 (0.004)**
Land-use mix (z-score)0.246 (0.051)**0.231 (0.051)**0.021 (0.013)*
Dwelling density (z-score)−0.011 (0.051)
Street connectivity (z-score)0.058 (0.055)
Time at home neighbourhood0.02 (0.016)0.012 (0.017)
Land-use mix* time at home neighbourhood0.04 (0.001)***
  • All models controlled for age, gender, income, self-rated health and have regular access to private transport.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.