Table 3

Sonographic findings in 27 patients with positive FASH examination, admitted to Yirol Hospital, South Sudan

Pathological findingsn (%)
Periportal/para-aortic lymph nodes15 (55)
Pericardial effusion9 (33)
Lung consolidation8 (30)
Pleural effusion5 (18)
Splenic focal lesions4 (15)
Ascites3 (11)
Ascites in the pouch of Douglas3 (11)
Liver focal lesions1 (4)
Ascites in the splenorenal pouch1 (4)
Ascites in the hepatorenal pouch (Morison’s pouch)0 (0)
  • FASH, Focused Assessment with Sonography in HIV-associated tuberculosis.