Table 3

The per item and per letter accuracy of ExECT when extracting epilepsy information from a validation set of 200 clinic letters, where an information item is defined as a single item in any category identified by the human annotator (see the Materials and methods section for more details)

Variable200 letters—results per item200 letters—results per letter
Number of information items identified by clinicianPrecision %Recall %F1 score %Number of letters containing information items identified by clinicianPrecision %Recall %F1 score %
Clinic date19198.997.498.2186100.097.398.6
Date of birth201100.098.099.0199100.098.099.0
Epilepsy diagnosis38388.189.088.615094.195.394.7
Epilepsy type8989.979.884.57091.087.189.1
Focal seizures14596.269.780.87196.783.189.4
Generalised seizures15188.852.365.87689.768.477.6
Seizure frequency15386.353.666.111992.259.772.4
CT scan1755.658.857.11676.962.569.0
MRI scan10982.468.875.06686.778.882.5
  • EEG, electroencephalogram; ExECT, extraction of epilepsy clinical text.