Table 2

Frequency of use of EBM in daily practice and perceived obstacles

no. (%)
Knowledge and use of EBM
 Do not know what EBM is, do not use it9 (4.0)
 Just heard about EBM, do not use it72 (31.9)
 Can define EBM but do not use it22 (9.7)
 Of whom: do not agree with EBM approach7 (3.1)
 Do not use EBM directly but employ EBM-labelled resources50 (22.1)
 Use EBM directly in her practice, occasionally34 (15.1)
 Use EBM directly in her practice, regularly31 (13.7)
 Did not answered8 (3.6)
Obstacles perceived for the practice of EBM
 Lack of general knowledge on EBM87 (38.5)
 Lack of time59 (26.1)
 Lack of skills for critical appraisal of studies49 (21.7)
 Availability and access to information sources42 (18.6)
 No obstacle found21 (9.3)
 Others3 (1.3)
 Did not answered5 (2.2)
  • EBM, evidence-based medicine.