Table 1

Overview of parameters and sources in the Markov model

  1. Medical costs

  2. Intervention costs

  3. Costs of productivity losses

  4. Informal care costs

  1. Cost study of RRT in the Netherlands by de Wit et al (forthcoming)

  2. Are recorded in the current implementation study

  3. Work situation of patients is recorded in the implementation study and use of (Dutch) literature.16 17

  4. Will be estimated from existing literature18

Effects (QALYs)EQ-5D-5L is conducted prior to the intervention and 6, 12 and 24 months after the intervention.
Transition probabilities
  1. Between treatment modalities

  2. Mortality rate

Estimated from the database of Nefrovisie
Incidence ratesEstimated from the database of Nefrovisie
Effect size of the interventionUsed from previous studies3 4
  • EQ-5D-5L, 5-level version of EuroQol-5 Dimension; QALY, quality-adjusted life years; RRT, renal replacement therapy.