Table 3

Table of results showing experiences of bare below the elbows (BBE) policy

VariableTotal number (N)Missing data (N)Sample proportion (%)95% CI
Q20. Usually cover forearms for religious reasons81467 (82.72)74.49 to 90.95
Q21. Agreement that it is important to cover forearms because of religious beliefs79659 (74.68)65.09 to 84.27
Q22. Respondents’ BBE practice778
 I. I am BBE at all times in hospital19 (24.68)15.05 to 34.31
 II. I am BBE in wards only46 (59.74)48.79 to 70.69
 III. I wear disposable sleeves (my own)3 (3.90)0.00 to 8.22
 IV. I wear disposable sleeves (supplied to me)0 (0.00)0.00 to 0.00
 V. Other9 (11.69)4.52 to 18.86
Q23. Trust suggest an alternative BBE rule in light of religious beliefs41443 (7.32)0.00 to 15.29
Q24. Religious requirements met by the alternative17683 (17.65)0.00 to 35.77
Q25. Respondent happy with alternative27587 (25.93)9.4 to 42.46
Q26. Religious requirement respected by trust483721 (43.75)29.72 to 57.78
Q27. Experience of BBE influenced career681711 (16.18)7.43 to 24.93
Q28. Experience of BBE influenced place of work68176 (8.82)2.08 to 15.56