Table 2

Radiation exposure

1–3 months4–6 months7–9 months
Number of ERCP procedure434738
Cumulative fluoroscopy time10 94991605966
Cumulative number of digital radiographs165153158
Radiation dose (TLD1) (mSv)—barrier surface, patient’s side30.6925.8923.96
Radiation dose (TLD2) (mSv)—barrier surface, medical staff’s side1.500.250.22
Radiation dose (TLD3) (mSv)—on the thyroid shield0.340.160.15
Radiation dose (TLD4) (mSv)—inside the lead apron, endoscopist0.330.120.09
Radiation dose (TLD5) (mSv)—inside the lead apron, nurse0.140.100.08
  • ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; TLD, thermoluminescence dosimetry.