Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of the study population (n=748)

Age (years)74844.89.6
Men N (%)411 (55)
BMI (kg/m2)73227.34.8
Seniority (years)72213.510.3
Administration workers N (%)128 (17)
Blue-collar workers N (%)620 (83)
 Cleaning115 (15)
 Manufacturing448 (60)
 Transportation57 (8)
Physical work load at baseline (scale 1–10)7235.32.4
Sick leave days
 Baseline (days/month)7410.
 Last follow-up (days/month)6550.
 Total days (over all time points)7460.03.05.820.9
Work ability (scale 0–10)
 Last follow-up6719.
 Mean work ability (over all time points)7328.
NSP intensity (scale 0–10)
 Last follow-up6522.
 Mean NSP intensity (over all time points)7482.
Number of pain regions at baseline (count)7451.
Compliance to text messages (missing responses, count)
 NSP intensity7480.
 Sick leave7460.
 Work ability7320.
  • BMI, body mass index; NSP, neck–shoulder pain.