Table 2

Participants’ description of support received from family members

Characteristicsn (%)
Family member provides support with managing MCC
 Yes19 (90.5)
 No2 (9.5)
Family member’s relationship to older adult with MCC (n=19)*
 Spouse15 (78.9)
 Daughter or son12 (63.2)
 Sibling3 (15.8)
 Other2 (10.5)
Types of care provided to older adults by family members (n=19)
 A. Management of care
  Discuss care of older adult with health professionals13 (68.4)
  Manage finances11 (57.9)
  Make decisions about care of older adult9 (47.4)
  Make appointments9 (47.4)
  Complete forms8 (42.1)
 B. Daily activities
  Getting around the home14 (73.7)
  Shopping14 (73.7)
  Cleaning13 (68.4)
  Cooking11 (57.9)
  Laundry11 (57.9)
  Medication management10 (52.6)
  Home maintenance8 (42.1)
 C. Personal care
  Dressing5 (26.3)
  Bathing and toileting3 (15.8)
  Help with medical equipment3 (15.8)
 D. Social and emotional support
  Conversations18 (94.7)
  Companionship17 (89.5)
  Comfort16 (84.2)
  • *Multiple responses are possible.

  • MCC, multiple chronic conditions.