Table 2

Reporting of mania spectrum symptoms in publications from the TADS

Reporting parameterStage 1 (12 weeks)Stage 2+3 (36 weeks)Stage 4 (88 weeks)
TADS team6 Emslie et al 12 Kennard et al 13 May et al 14 TADS team15 Kennard et al 16 Vitiello et al 17 TADS team18
ADS Mania subscale scoreBaseline:
All: 2.4±2.3
COMB: 2.6±2.4
FLX: 2.2±2.2
CBT: 2.5±2.4
PBO: 2.2±2.3
12 weeks:
All: 0.9±1.4
COMB: 0.5±0.8
FLX: 1.1±1.0
CBT: 1.0±1.2
PBO: 1.1±0.1
Baseline: 2.5±2.2
Prior to suicidal event: 1.6±2.2
Mean change before event: −0.6±2.3
ADS Mania subscale score increase (≥3 points)All: 65/424 (15.3%)
COMB: 20% (n=21)
FLX: 14.2% (n=15)
CBT: 12.3% (n=13)
PBO: 15.0% (n=16)
Patients with attrition prevention due to mania/hypomania1.28% (1/78)
ManiaCOMB: n=0
FLX: n=1
CBT: n=0
PBO: n=1
FLX: n=1
HypomaniaCOMB: n=1
FLX: n=2
CBT: n=0
PBO: n=1
COMB: n=1
FLX: n=2
PBO: n=1
Elevated moodCOMB: n=0
FLX: n=1
CBT: n=0
PBO: n=0
FLX: n=1
  • ADS, affective disorders screening; CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy; COMB, cognitive behavioural therapy plus fluoxetine; FLX, fluoxetine; PBO, placebo; TADS, Treatment for Adolescents With Depression Study.