Table 4

Percentage of doctors who agree or totally agree with statements about changes in their professional practice due to the disciplinary procedure for doctors given a reprimand (n=53–61) and doctors given a warning (n=174–191)*

Since the disciplinary process:Reprimand, %Warning, %Total, %Χ2 (p value)
I make more accurate notes in patient records77.860.864.2
I have discussed possible improvement measures with my colleagues/managers70.058.860.8
I do supplementary research earlier57.637.441.34.47 (0.03)
I accede more to the wishes of patients52.930.8355.93 (0.01)
I try to avoid risky patients52.940.843.1
I see each patient as a potential new complainant52.833.637.44.56 (0.033)
I avoid similar patients to the complainant4030.132.0
I work more strictly according to protocols36.127.929.5
I avoid certain actions36.425.527.6
I try to communicate better with patients20.628.226.7
I see that it was necessary to implement improvement measures17.128.526.3
I can signal discomfort in patients earlier2015.116.0
  • *Only significant differences are given.

  • Bolded value considered differences to be significant where they had a p value of <0.05.