Table 2

Mode of delivery and body fat per cent at age 2 months

Delivery modeCasesCoef. (95% CI)P valueAdjCoef. (95% CI)*P value
Unassisted vaginal372ReferenceReference
Operative vaginal380−0.16 (−0.78 to 0.46)0.614−0.10 (−0.72 to 0.52)0.743
Prelabour LSCS1170.50 (−0.40 to 1.40)0.2780.46 (−0.46 to 1.40)0.325
LSCS in labour164−0.19 (−0.9 to 0.61)0.6420.07 (−0.88 to 0.73)0.864
  • N for adjusted model=1033. Linear regression.

  • *Adjusted for maternal age, education, ethnicity, marital status, infant sex, maternal smoking during pregnancy, maternal BMI at the first antenatal visit, gestational age (at delivery), birth weight and pre-eclampsia

  • Adj, adjusted; BMI, body mass index; Coef, β-coefficient; LSCS, lower segment caesarean section.