Table 2

Topic guide

Can you start by telling me all about what you thought and felt when you were first diagnosed with MS?Main issues, explore concerns, feelings (physical, psychological and family issues), what did he or she do about each problem that was identified?
Can you tell me about the time you found out you have moved to secondary progressive type of MS?Explore how did they find out, period before receiving the diagnosis, thoughts and feelings after receiving the secondary diagnosis.
Can you tell me about what you think and feel about having MS now?Examples of issues identified?
Can you tell me about all the things you found (un)helpful when dealing with challenges of MS?Feelings and thoughts on support interventions they were offered or sought/how did they apply the advice given (if given), support they would like to see in the future.
Are there any other relevant issues we have not covered that you would like to mention?
  • MS, multiple sclerosis.