Table 2

Characteristics of study sample (n=310)

Age range, years
Employments status
 Pharmacy owner17054.8
Highest educational level attained
 Pharm D7524.2
Which university did you graduate from
 Non-Lebanese Universities8627.7
 Lebanese Universities20365.5
 Did not specify216.8
During your university education, did you receive any education/training on CAM products?
Did you receive any postgraduate education/training on CAM products?
Years of work experience (in community pharmacy)
How many pharmacists work in this pharmacy, in addition to yourself ?
How long has this pharmacy been opened for?
 1–5 years7724.8
 6–10 years7022.6
 11–15 years3711.9
 16–20 years3812.3
 ˃20 years6320.3
 Do not know258.1