Table 1

Codified version of the discharge criteria for application to electronic health record data. Here the 15 criteria have been grouped into intuitive subsets and each assigned a test ID (‘R0’ to ‘B4’). According to the original specification, if all 15 criteria are met for a period of at least 4 hours the patient can be safely discharged

Test IDTest nameVariableTest condition
R0Respiratory: airwayairwayairway patent
R1Respiratory: Fio2 fio2fio2≤0.6
R2Respiratory: blood oxygenspo2spo2≥95 (%)
R3Respiratory: bicarbonatehco3hco3≥19 (mmol/L)
R4Respiratory: rateresp (rate)10≤resp≤30 (bpm)
C0Cardiovascular: blood pressurebp (systolic)bp≥100 (mm Hg)
C1Cardiovascular: heart ratehr60≤hour≤100 (bpm)
CNSCentral nervous systemgcsgcs≥14
TTemperaturetemp36≤temp≤37.5 (°C)
B0Bloods: haemoglobinhaemoglobinhaemoglobin≥90 (g/L)
B1Bloods: potassiumk3.5≤k≤6.0 (mmol/L)
B2Bloods: sodiumna130≤na≤150 (mmol/L)
B3Bloods: creatininecreatinine59≤creatinine≤104 (umol/L)
B4Bloods: ureabun2.5≤bun≤7.8 (mmol/L)
  • CNS, central nervous system.