Table 1

Description of variables

Variable groupFactorLevelDetailsMissing
DemographicsFree school mealsBinaryFree school meals vs no free school mealsN=1722, 16.3%
Parental socioeconomic classBinaryCategories 1 to 4 vs category 5N=914, 8.7%
School typeBinaryNon fee-paying vs fee payingN=920, 8.7%
Participation of local areas (POLAR) 3BinaryLow participation neighbourhood vs all other neighbourhoodsN=1 020, 9.7%
EthnicityBinaryBlack and minority ethnic vs whiteN=55, 0.5%
GenderBinaryMale vs femaleN=0
Year of birthContinuousMin=1959, max=1991 Median=1988N=0
Pre-medical school domicileBinaryUK vs non-UK domicileN=0
Premedical school academic attainmentHESA tariff pointsContinuousTariff points min=20, max=1036
Mean=473, SD=109
N=2743, 26%
University degree prior to medical schoolBinaryPrior degree vs no prior degreeN=0
First attempt score UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)ContinuousUKCAT points min=1600, max=3340
Mean=2504, SD=222
N=1524, 14.4%
Medical schoolMedical schoolCategoricalLast recorded medical school name, n= 30N=0
FPAS educational progress measureContinuousMin=34, max=43 Mean=38.7, SD=2.8N=1035, 9.8%
FPAS Situational Judgement Test scoreContinuousMin=4.50, max=50 Mean=40.8, SD=3.2N=4588, 43.5%
FPAS degree pointsContinuousMin=0, max=2 Mean=0.94, SD=0.73N=3541, 33.6%
FPAS publication pointsBinaryNone vs one or moreN=1035, 9.8%
Fitness to practise declarationBinaryDeclaration vs no declarationN=0
Specialty applicationApplied to at least one of 22 specialtiesBinaryApplied vs not appliedN=0
Applied to each specialtyBinaryApplied vs not applied nine largest specialtiesN=0
Offered at least one of 22 specialtiesBinaryOffered vs not offeredN=0
Excludes non-applicants
Offered each specialtyBinaryOffered vs not offered nine largest specialtiesN=0
Excludes non-applicants
Accepted at least one of 22 specialtiesBinaryAccepted vs not acceptedN=0
Excludes not offered
Accepted each specialtyBinaryAccepted vs not accepted nine largest specialtiesN=0
Excludes not offered
  • FPAS, Foundation Programme Application System; HESA, Higher Education Statistics Agency.