Table 2

Characteristics of the sample eye care practices

No. of optometry practices: no. of ophthalmology practices7: 1
Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS):
 Commercially available (eg, Optomate, Sunix)3
Record types:
 Electronic record only4
 Structured paper record2
 Semistructured paper record1
 Unstructured paper record only1
Sampling method*:
 By patients5†
 By visits1
 By dates2
No. of records sampled per practice†:
 Preventative eye care, median (range)23 (21 to 50)
 Glaucoma eye care, median (range)10 (8 to 20)
 Diabetic eye care, median (range)4 (1 to 10)
No. of practitioners sampled per practice, median (range)3 (1 to 14)
Time taken (hours per practice), median (range)3.5 (3 to 5.5)
  • *One practice was able to provide a list of all eligible patients (ie, patients with glaucoma, glaucoma suspects and patients with diabetes).

  • †Appropriateness of preventative eye care was assessed in three of eight practices; appropriateness of glaucoma and diabetic eye care was assessed in seven of eight practices.