Table 1

Hospital utilisation: comparison with control practices by year 4 of the SLIC Programme

OutcomeRate ratio* (95% CI)P valueObserved rate for SLIC practices per 1000 patients per yearExpected rate in the absence of SLIC intervention per 1000 patients per year
A&E attendance0.944 (0.913 to 0.976)0.001144153
Emergency admissions1.011 (0.971 to 1.052)0.600NS†NS
Emergency admissions for ACSCs1.073 (1.004 to 1.147)0.0372019
Elective admissions0.938 (0.902 to 0.975)0.001153164
Outpatient attendance0.921 (0.908 to 0.935)0.00112201324
  • *Rate ratios for model 1 represent the relative change in the rate of admission compared to what would have been expected in the absence of SLIC activity. A rate ratio of 1 indicates no change, whereas a rate ratio greater than 1 represents an increase, and a rate ratio less than 1 represents a decrease, in admissions.

  • †No significant change.

  • A&E, accident and emergency; ACSCs, ambulatory care sensitive conditions; SLIC, Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care.