Table 2

Caesarean section (CS) rates among groups with different insurance status

AuthorYearStateYear of data collectionCS rate of privately insured (%)CS rate of publicly insured (%)CS rate of uninsured (%)
Stafford20 1990California198626.822.119.3
Haas et al 15 A1993Massachusetts198423.019.417.2
Haas et al 15 B1993Massachusetts198725.920.822.4
Braveman et al 209 1995California199127.121.223.0
Burns et al 21 1995Arizona1989n/an/an/a
Onion et al 210 A*1999Maine1990–199215.914.913.4
Onion et al 210 B*1999New Hampshire1990–199216.113.213.0
Onion et al 210 C*1999Vermont1990–199214.513.59.4
Aron et al 211 2000Ohio1993–199517.014.210.7
Grant22 A2005All states198827.023.717.1
Grant22 B2005Florida199230.021.620.7
Coonrod et al 62 2008Arizona200526.019.020.0
Huesch212 2011New Jersey2004–200726.722.520.3
Kozhimannil et al 103 2014All states2002–2009n/an/an/a
Huesch et al 213 2014California201013.910.713.0
Sebastião et al 214 2016Florida2004–201125.222.819.7
  • *The rates are adjusted as compared with the rates from other studies which are crude rates. 

  • Dark grey, CS rates below 10% benchmark.

  • Light grey, CS rates below 19% benchmark.

  • n/a, not applicable.