Table 1

Planned steps and project timeline

StepsTasksResponsible groupsTimeline
Stage 11Identify the need for the checklistRID group; SecretariatApril 2017
2Obtain fundingRID groupMay 2017
3Identify the participantsRID group; SecretariatMay to October 2017
4Generate a list of items for consideration in the Delphi processRID group; SecretariatOctober 2017 to July 2018
5Run a modified Delphi process23 DCP group; SecretariatAugust to November 2018
6Present and discuss results of the Delphi process (teleconference)DCP group; RID groupDecember 2018
7Draft the checklistRID groupDecember 2018
8Pilot test and examine the validityRID group; SecretariatDecember to January 2019
9Develop the guidance statement and publication strategyRID group; DCP groupJanuary to February 2019
10Develop an explanatory documentRID group; DCP groupFebruary to April 2019
11Promote checklist endorsement and adherenceRID group; SecretariatApril to June 2019
12Develop a website for RIGHT for PVGSecretariatJune 2019
13Translate and adapt the checklistRelevant stakeholdersJuly 2019 on
Stage 214Evaluate PVGs developed using RIGHT-PVGRID group; SecretariatFrom 2020 on
15Update the checklistRID group; Relevant stakeholdersEvery 3 years
  • DCP group, Delphi consensus panellists group; PVG, public version of guidelines; RID group, reporting items development group; RIGHT, The Reporting Tool for Practice Guidelines in Healthcare.