Table 1

Inclusion/exclusion criteria

CriteriaScreened by general practitionerScreened online
Aged at least 18 yearsxx
Had a diagnosis of colorectal, breast or prostate cancerxx
Finished primary cancer treatment within prior ten years/diagnosis in prior ten years, unless on active surveillance for prostate cancerx
Have internet accessx
Impaired quality of life (≤85 on the EORTC)x
Have had more than one type of cancer in the preceding 5 yearsxx
Has metastatic cancerx
Has sarcoma or lymphoma of the breastx
Receiving cancer treatment or had recent treatment (in last month)xx
Expecting to start cancer treatment during the study periodx
Severe mental health problems and/or major uncontrolled depression/schizophrenia or dementiax
Lives in the same household as another participantx
  • Primary treatments can include bone marrow and stem cell transplants, breast-conserving surgery, chemotherapy, colostomy/partial colostomy, immunotherapy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, orchidectomy, radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, trans-urethral resection.

  • EORTC, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer.