Table 2

Weighted characteristics of UK participants in the International Food Policy Study, Dec 2017 (n=3104)

ConceptQuestion wording (where applicable)Response categoryn%
SexWhat sex were you assigned at birth, meaning on your original birth certificate?Female149748
EducationWhat is the highest level of education you have completed?A-Levels or lower189661
Income sufficiencyHow easy is it to make ends meet?Not easy190561
ChildrenDo you have any children (including step-children or adopted children) under the age of 18?No196363
SSB consumptionConsumed regular fizzy drinks, sweetened fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks in last 7 daysConsumers147347
Social normsPeople important to me try not to drink sugary drinksNot agree141646
AttitudesSugary drinks taste goodAgree193862
KnowledgeFrequently drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of obesityNot true32210
Expert trustI trust messages from health experts on sugary drinksNot agree121339
Industry trustI trust messages from the food and beverage industry on sugary drinksNot agree226773
SupportIn 2018 a new sugary drink tax will be introduced in the UK. This aims to encourage manufacturers to reduce the sugar in drinks. The money will be spent on breakfast clubs, and sports in primary schools. Do you support or oppose this policy?Support216770
EffectivenessPreamble as above. How effective do you think these kinds of policies are?Effective221471