Table 1

Characteristics of respondents by wave and by Sunshine state residence

Weighted distribution %Statistical significance
(Bonferroni correction)*
Weighted distribution %†Statistical significance
(Bonferroni correction)*
wave 1, 2014wave 2, 2016Sunshinenon-Sunshine
(n=3542)(n=2180)Balanced panel (n=2180)
 Black, Non-Hispanic11%12%2%12%
 Less than high school12%11%4%13%
 High school graduate30%29%28%31%
 Some college29%29%26%27%
 College graduate29%32%41%29%
Household Incomens§
 $0–$24 99918%17%8%14%
 $25 000–$49 99922%21%15%21%
 $50 000–$74 99918%18%15%18%
 $75 000–$99 99915%14%17%14%
 $100 000+26%30%45%33%
 Employed for pay51%57%60%54%
 Not working-disability7%6%3%7%
 Not working-other17%12%9%16%
Resides in state with Sunshine Lawns
Self-rated healthnsns
Diagnosis of chronic condition¶nsns
Diagnosis of mental health disorderns
Diagnosis of cancer§ns
Diagnosis of stroke or myocardial infarctionnsns
Any health insurance coveragens
  • Percentages may not add up to 100 because of rounding.

  • *P values are from χ2 test of independence with Rao-Scott correction, testing the difference in distribution values between the two groups of respondents. ‡ and § indicate significance with Bonferroni correction.

  • †Respondent characteristics from wave 1 (2014) survey.

  • ‡Significant at 0.01 level with Bonferroni correction (0.01/13=0.00077).

  • §Significant at 0.05 level with Bonferroni correction (0.05/13=0.0038).

  • ¶Chronic conditions include acid reflux, asthma, atrial fibrillation, COPD, chronic pain, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, epilepsy, eye disease, gout, heart disease, hepatitis C, hypertension, high cholesterol, HIV, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep disorder.

  • ns, not significant.