Table 2

Data collection method, participants and data collected

MethodParticipantsTotal number in six sitesData collected
ObservationCHWs and supervisors while conducting their daily work126 days of observationDescriptions of activities, interactions and clients.
FGDCHW teams12 FGDs (76 participants)FGD: descriptions of activities and weekly and daily routines; resources available and needed; support from supervisors, peers, clinic and community; employment conditions; challenges of the programme.
Self-administered questionnaire: age, years of training and service.
InterviewsSupervisors and facility managers43 key informant interviewsBackground, training responsibilities, weekly and daily pattern of CHWs; resources; successes and challenges.
Community representativesPerceptions of the programme; acceptability to the community needs.
Follow-up interviews with CHWs’ clients who were referred to the clinic during observations of household visits74 household interviewsClient’s perception of the service, and events subsequent to the referral.
  • CHW, community health worker; FGD, focus group discussion.