Table 3

Distribution of consumption measures by type

MeasureSelf-report/sales dataStudies using
Prevalence measures
 % of people drinking (24 hours multiple pass prompted)Self-reportAshman et al 39
ABS 15
 % of children drinking (drunk on prior day)Self-reportThurber et al 37
Cockburn et al 36
Leonard et al 40
 % of people drinking (7-day prompted recall)Self-reportFSANZ26
 % of babies who ever/sometimes consumedSelf-reportEades et al 48
 % of children ‘usually drink’ to quench thirstSelf-reportZubrick et al 25
Measures of drink volume consumed
 Per capita daily intake (g)Self-reportGwynn et al 46
SalesBrimblecombe et al 31
Brimblecombe et al 27
 Per capita daily intake (ml)SalesLee et al 34
Lee et al 35
 % of total beverage intake (g)SalesBrimblecombe et al 27
 Mean daily intake (g)Self-reportABS15
 Median daily intake (mL)Self-reportABS24
 Mean daily intake (mL) (per person)Self-reportFSANZ26
 Mean per eating occasion (g)Self-reportGwynn et al 46
 Per capita annual intake (kg)SalesLee et al 34
Combined prevalence/consumption measures
 % of children drinking (every evening/a few times a week)Self-reportJamieson et al 47
 % of children drinking (‘usually drinks’≥1 cup/day)Self-reportHardy et al 41
 Portions per day, by proportion (%) of persons drinkingSelf-reportLawrence45
 % of people (times per week drinking)Self-reportJamieson et al 43
 % of children (drinking ’sometimes')Self-reportLeonard et al 40
Combined prevalence/frequency measures
 % of children drinking (drank on≥2 occasions on prior day)Self-reportThurber et al 38
Measures of energy or sugar intake
 % of energy intakeSelf-reportABS15
Gwynn et al 46
McMahon et al 28
SalesLee et al 30
Wycherley et al 32
 % of total dietary sugars (g)SalesLee et al 34
 % of total refined sugar intake (kJ)SalesBrimblecombe et al 33
 % of total sugar intakeSelf-reportABS15